Providing a Healthier Difference™

The Sherman now offers Grass-Fed Beef Specials in the Circa 1852 Restaurant and Grass-Fed Burgers in the Biergarten on Friday and Saturday nights.

Wolfert Farms is exclusively producing grass-fed beef for The Sherman. The cattle are roaming on heterogeneously-seeded pastures eating grass their whole lives making them grass-fed and grass-finished.

Family owned and operated, Wolfert Farms, is committed to quality and food safety and always follows strict animal protocols. Starting with 100% Black Angus with carefully scrutinized genetics, no growth hormones or animal by-products are administered.

The pastures are seeded with the finest mixture of herbs and grasses providing a “cocktail” of nutrients leading to a natural great taste and lean meat.

No pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers are used, which also contribute to a healthier difference.

The Sherman brings a unique expertise to preparing and cooking grass-fed beef to a delicate perfection making every bite indescribably satisfying.

You and your family can be confident in the unsurpassed quality of cattle produced on Wolfert Farms and the corresponding health benefits of free-range, grass-fed beef.

It’s a healthier difference you can taste.

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